How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Meditation Space

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Meditation Space

Across a plethora of cultures, people are using meditation. And it’s easy to see why. Numerous studies showcase how meditation reduces stress, alleviates anxiety and depression symptoms, helps with sleep, decreases blood pressure, and generally benefits the mind and body.

Creating an outdoor meditation space supports our desire to maintain our health. And the impact a backyard meditation space or even an outdoor meditation chair can have on a person is impressively positive. Use these tips to create your own outdoor meditation space and bring your yard to an ultimate state of zen.

Must-Have Outdoor Meditation Space Features

Outdoor Plants

Adding outdoor plants to an outdoor meditation space plays a role in creating peace. Plants make no noise, and they add a physical aspect complementing meditation indefinitely. The tranquility you’re looking for will come with several types of outdoor plants, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which plants you’d like to include.

For those who focus on how plants feel, certain textures will be more appealing. Lamb’s Ears, Fountain Grasses, and Irish Moss have pleasant textures that might assist you in getting into the right frame of mind before meditating. So make sure to check them out and give them a feel when you go to your local nursery.

If aromatic outdoor plants captivate your mind, you’re likely in the market for flowers and herbs. These plants will provide soothing scents throughout your outdoor meditation space. You’ll look for aromatic plants such as lilac, gardenia, and jasmine as these plants all bring forth soothing fragrances perfect for outdoor meditation.

You might prefer to go into your meditation after seeing something nice. This could involve planting some bright flowers attracting various colorful insects. Whether you’re looking for aesthetically gorgeous flowers or something to attract vivid butterflies, decorating your outdoor meditation space to create a visibly pleasing area isn’t too difficult and won’t break the bank.

If you’re worried about planting your plants in the ground, you can always use pots to add plants to your outdoor meditation space.

Comfort For Your Outdoor Meditation Space

One of the most important aspects of creating your outdoor meditation space is to keep comfort in mind. Comfortable meditation ensures you have the restful meditation session you need. Whether it’s through the use of an outdoor rug, floor pillow, cushion, throw blankets, or meditation mats, comfort will play a key role in your meditation nook.

You might even want to use these comfort items to transition into your meditation session. Bringing them out to your outdoor meditation area and setting them up can be soothing as well. If you’re planning to keep these items outside, make sure they can last in the elements.

Relaxing Lights & Decorations Complementing Your Outdoor Meditation Space

Minimalism is usually the go-to for most outdoor meditation spaces, but it’s up to you how you’d like to proceed. The minimalist nature helps to keep distractions minimal, allowing the creation of an area that’s showcasing tranquility at its core.

Singing bowls, meditation beads, statues, crystals, artwork, stones, and artwork are rather common. If you’d prefer to mix it up a bit, there’s always the option to add some candles and string lights. You might even want to include a fire pit to create the perfect outdoor patio space for night time meditation sessions. All in all, your decisions will reflect how you prefer to meditate.

Soothing Sounds To Create A Calming Ambiance

Relaxation is a key when it comes to meditation, so including soothing sounds is ideal when crafting your outdoor meditation space. If you’re someone who enjoys meditating with white noise coming from all that surrounds you, this might not be as important. While you might be accustomed to playing tranquil music as you meditate, there are some other options you’ll want to consider.

You can find some soothing sound coming from running water. With this in mind, incorporating a fountain in your space will create this relaxing noise as you meditate. A patio fountain can bring you the peace you seek with ease, making it an ideal investment in your outdoor sanctuary.

Windchimes also produce soothing sounds perfect for meditation sessions. Whether you opt for glass, metal, or bamboo wind chimes, you’ll likely find the relaxing sensation you need as you meditate. Hang them near where you’ll meditate and allow nature’s winds to play a melody worthy of your session. You’ll surely appreciate all windchimes have to offer in the realm of relaxation.

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